Get a Boner for Less!

Have you ever tried to show a lady a good time only to find out that the Old Fella has no intention whatsoever of standing to attention? Chances are you have as this happens to almost all men from time to time. For younger guys it is normally the result of the consumption of far too many shandies in the preceding hours. For older guy this is just something that happens, part of the process of ‘growing old’.

viagra is it

One thing is for certain though, young or old, blokes don’t take that sort of thing lying down. It can be a matter of huge embarrassment to the men concerned which can lead to low self-esteem and even depression.

It was no surprise therefore that when Viagra (also known as the little blue pill) appeared on the scene in 1998 it was widely regarded as a life-saver for many relationships. Guys who hadn’t been able to get it up for years were suddenly rock-hard for hours on end. We imagine ‘98 must have been a busy year for the escort industry as excited elderly gentlemen everywhere decided o test out their newfound prowess on any female who would let them.

As a result Viagra has generated a huge cash windfall for its makers, Pfizer. In 2012 it generated sales of $2.05 billion which is not to be sniffed at. The gravy train however is about to come to an end as patent protection only applies for 10 years after which other companies are legally allowed to produce and market generic copies of the drugs.

Not long after the original launch of Viagra competitors reverse-engineered the formula and started selling illegal copies of the drug, mostly via the internet. Who hasn’t had a spam email offering Vi4gra or somesuch and immediately deleted it angrily stating “there’s fuck all wrong with MY equipment, bastards!”

Now however the fakes get to have their day as from 21st June in the UK any company has been able to sell the generic form of Viagra known as Sildenafil and this is likely to be a bonanza for many as demand is still huge.

For guys in need this is also fabulous news as the price of a pill is likely to fall from £10 or so to less than a pound. That’s pretty damn good value for a hard-on that can last four hours!

So a shit day for Pfizer heralds a great day for erectile-challenged men everywhere. Let the fucking begin!

And of course where better to find a girl to try out your new-found superpowers on but on FuckTonight! We have literally thousands of girls looking for sex contacts who would be delighted to be on the receiving end of a 4 hour boner. Be warned however as, by the time you’re done with 4 hours of vigorous swordsmanship, you may be needing to turn back to Pfizer or one of its competitors to find some kind of soothing cream for your well-worn bell-end. It pays to think ahead!

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